Meerkat vs PeriScope: The Battle of Live Streaming Apps

The Battle of the Live Streaming Apps: Meerkat VS Periscope

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There is a new entry in the live streaming apps, it’s called vidmate. It is the fastest video downloading app. You can watch movies and TV shows online and download it to your android phone simultaneously. The best feature of vidmate is that you can download your favorite movies in background. It helps in watching video in HD quality. If you have vidmate apk file then you can also download it on your android phone. Vidmate is also available for pc and can be downloaded on windows and mac computer. Visit vidmate app official website to download it on your pc.

Download Flipboard for PC – Windows and Mac


Today is the world of Android. Everything is somehow related to Android. No doubt, Android is the most popular operating system on the planet. Choose the activity, and you will find the relevant app to complete the task.


Are you fond of reading magazines? If yes, do you have any idea about Flipboard. Flipboard is the latest app for the Android platform. Flipboard is a great portal to read magazines of your choices on one single platform. Apart from magazines, you can check news and articles from different sources. RSS and your Facebook feeds can be collaborated on this amazing application.

Flipboard gained popularity due to unusual interface in the shape of tiles. You will find tiles on this app directing to different components. Each tile represents magazine or article, or news or your RSS feed or Facebook feeds. You can check latest images in your flicker gallery. We can say Flipboard has brought all social media networks and other portals on a single platform. You don’t need to open each separate app. Simply check through tiles. The best part, you can share these tiles with your friends and family on the social media networks.


Flipboard offers a simple search option. You want to go through your RSS or Facebook page, Flipboard has made the task easier. Another interesting part, you can simply update your status using this app.

Within a short time frame, Flipboard has won the hearts of thousands users. Now people want to experience this app on their PC or Mac.

Well, for your information, Flipboard is an Android app. As many of you know that Android app does not have the capability to run directly on the PC. So how do we get this on our Windows PC or Mac.

In this world, we have the solution for everything. Yes, there is a way to install this great application on your Windows PC or Mac. Do you ever heard of Android emulator? We need this software to make Flipboard run on the PC.

Android emulator creates virtual Android operating system on the PC. So in this way we can run any type of Android app on the PC.

Here are the simple steps to install Flipboard on the PC.

  • From official website of Bluestacks, download the setup file.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to install the Bluestacks.
  • After installation, just open the Bluestacks.
  • In search bar look for “Flipboard”.
  • Now simply install the app and you are done!

Why we’re in love with Windows Phones

As astounding as it may sound, and as ungeeky or amateur it may sound, we’re in love with the whole Windows phone experience. We’ve been told that’s not a position many like to take, but we like to be honest, hence this post.

Honestly, we don’t know what makes Windows phones so great in our eyes. Maybe the way the interface looks, or the fact that we don’t have to tap several icons to have a look at the weather in good detail. But here’s a video that encapsulates what we’re feeling right now. Have a look.

Aren’t you in love with the whole Windows experience too? Let us know :)

How to Download Xender for PC – Windows and Mac


We are living in a digital world. We expect every technology to hit a new level every single day. We feel same for the file transfer process. People are not in mood of using lazy Bluetooth or old fashioned USB cables. People want new, faster ways of sending or sharing data.



Apps is the answer for all file transfer process. It is supported by almost all devices plus operating systems.

Features of Xender:

Check below some awesome features of Xender:

  • File transfer from Android to Android, iOS to iOS or Android to iOS is possible with Xender.
  • No need of Bluetooth or USB cables.
  • It uses Wi-Fi technology without using a data connection
  • Xender allows you to send files to four devices simultaneously.
  • You can send any type of data using Xender.
  • It is supported by different languages like English, Hindi, Japanese, French, German, Arabic and Korean.

Download Process:

Installing Xender on Andorid or iOS is not difficult, You can simply go to the Google Paly Store or iTunes and search for Xender.

The real problem is how to get Xender on PC. As it is Android app. How can Android App can possibly run on a PC.

Don’t worry, we have the solution.

The steps to download Xender on PC are pretty simple. Just follow the steps and get Xender on PC.

  • Download Blue Stacks: Blue Stacks is an Android Emulator. It is not that heavy software. This will allow virtual Android experience on PC. With the help of Blue Stacks, you can run exclusive Android apps on PC or MAC. Every user should install Blue Stacks on their PCs. Download the Blue Stacks here.
  • Login To Gmail Account: Blue Stacks is free to use. Once you have downloaded the Blue Stacks. Open the setup file and install the Android player on your Pc or MAC. Android is a product of Google. Only people who have Google account can only use apps from Google Play Store. So after installation, open Blue Stacks and login with your Gmail account.
  • Xender: Now search for Xender in the search bar of Google Play Store on the Blue Stacks. The procedure is same like any Android smart phone. Simply download the app, install the app and enjoy the Xender App!
  • Now the file transfer between phone or PC is so simple as Xender have been installed on PC.
  • That’s it! This was the process!

How To Use And Transfer Files Using SHAREit


Today with so many devices, we often need applications for transferring data from PC to smart phone and vice versa. There are hundreds of apps in the market right now for transferring data. But most of them are slow. This problem occurs when we need to transfer larger files. Because with Bluetooth and other apps, sending HD videos or other large files is a time consuming job.


Today, smart phones are coming with larger storage devices which are designed to carry large bits of data. For example, you need to store an HD movie in your smart phone. You may need to transfer that from PC to smart phone. How you will do that! Well, fortunately we have an awesome solution.

SHAREit is the answer for all data transfer problems. It is the new app in the tech town with great features. It has revolutionized the data transfer among different devices. Before Shareit, you would only use data connection or Bluetooth to send data. More importantly, it would be among same devices with the same operating system.

Shareit App is equipped with latest technology. It uses wifi of smart phone to send data instantly. Secondly, you can transfer data between different devices with cross platforms.

What exactly you need for running this application is the device with Wifi capability and installed Shareit. Once it is working, you can transfer any type of data from one device to another in few moments. Amazingly, it uses wifi technology of the device, but it does reduce the bandwidth.

Shareit is a free app that is available for Windows, Android and iOS store. You can download and install the app easily.

Now you don’t need any USB or data cable to connect smart phone with PC. Just install app on both device and there you go. As per reports, Shareit works forty times faster than Bluetooth.

Here are the steps needed to transfer data using Shareit app.

  1. The first thing to do it opening up the Shareit app on your Android/PC device.
  2. Now select the option of “Send”.
  3. Now different options will be shown for sending different types of data. For example, Photo, App, Contact, Music, File and Video.
  4. In above cited options, you can select all files you want to send to the other device.
  5. Before sending the files, open up the Shareit app on another device to receive them.
  6. Now just hit the send and let files transfer to another device.